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Eurobike with a "Clear Statement”: Leading Trade Fair of the Bicycle Sets New Records

The 23rd Eurobike: 46,300 trade visitors from 111 countries - In addition, 21,100 bike fans on public day - 1852 journalists from 46 countries - 300 world premieres


Germany: Bicycle Market Numbers - Data - Facts for the first half of 2014 presented

The German Bike Association (ZIV) assumes, that in Germany about 2.8 million bicycles and e-bikes were sold to end-consumers between January and July 2014. That implicates a four percent increase in comparison to the first half of 2013.


Germany: The German Bike Association (ZIV) and the foundation "Common Collection Scheme for Batteries" (GRS) strike a positive balance in the field of battery recycling

To provide a comfortable and practical solution for consumers and trade, ZIV and GRS Batterien developed in 2010 a nationwide take back system.


Germany: Manual for the cycle-friendly implementation of major events

Across the country, the German Evangelical Church Congress is the largest event, which focuses on bikes for the logistics during the periods of preparation and realisation. Now, several manuals were published (only available in German), giving inspiration and support for using the bicycling within the context of major public events.


Baden-Württemberg: Employees of Heilbronn's municipal administration can switch to bicycle, pedelec or e-bike

From now on, the 2,500 jobholders can purchase a "JobRad" via their employer and benefit from attractive conditions.


European Union: e-bike market is bigger than expected

In 2012 - for the first time - the European statistical office Eurostat reports import figures of pedelecs and draws conclusion on the number of pedelecs sold in the EU.


Germany: Battery lights on bicycles now allowed

With publication in the Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) No. 43 of 31th July 2013 entered the Forty-eighth street traffic regulations in force, including the revised paragraph 1 of Section 67 of the road traffic licensing regulations.


PRESTO: new pedelecs information brochure published

A new publication entitled "To cycle electric or not to cycle…" presents answers to the 20 most frequently asked questions related to the purchase, use and maintenance of pedelecs.


New Swiss E-Bike Rules

The Swiss Federal Council has set new rules for electric bicycles that allow for 500 Watt motors instead of the current 250 Watt.


UK: Innovative cycle hire scheme "Brompton Dock". End-to-end travel with legendary Brompton folding bikes.

Brompton Dock is accessible for anyone who would like to hire a British hand-made folding Brompton bike. Brompton Dock is growing rapidly and spreading throughout the UK. Brompton Dock aim to reach 17 locations by the end of 2012. International expansion is the next step.


Portugal: Solar Charged E-bike Sharing Program in Cascais

The city of Cascais put two e-bike docking stations in use for their e-bike sharing program which were donated by Donauer Solar Systems.


European Union: European Bike Market in 2009

11.8 million bikes were produced by the 27 EU member countries, about one million less than 2008. Compared to 2008 about 1.3 million fewer bikes were sold.


Europe: ECF and PRESTO-Project publish fact sheets on cycling

25 fact sheets are about infrastructure planning, promotion of cycling, and pedelecs. The PRESTO-Project promotes cycling in Europe.


Denmark: Copenhagen tests "Smart Tags" at Bicycles for Communication Between Cyclists

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) project aims at transforming bicycle use in Copenhagen, promoting urban sustainability and building new connections between the city's cyclists.

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