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Switzerland: Successful pilot test of cycling friendly traffic lights in Basel

Since 2013, experiments focus on two solutions for cycling friendly traffic lights facilities: permitting cyclists to turn right during the red phase and street crossing together with the pedestrians during their green period. The results are generally positive. Hence the Department for Building and Transport will request a change in traffic law from the Federal Roads Office. Thereby, the pilot test solutions can be implemented permanently.


Saxony: Federal state provides help for setting truck mirrors

Within the frame of a pilot project, facilities for mirror setting were implemented at all motorway service areas in Saxony. Marking lines of different colours and sizes on the ground enable truck drivers to set their mirrors in a way, which avoids blind angles.


Baden-Württemberg: City of Mannheim bids for organizing the Velo-city conference 2017

Besides many cycling promotion measures, the bicycle's 200th birthday gives the city of Mannheim an opportunity, to discuss and further develop the future role of cycling.


Germany: Funds for the cycle path network along federal roads increased from 60 to 80 million Euro

The parliamentary commission for transport and digital infrastructure debated on Mai 7th 2014 on the correspondent federal budget plan.



The European Commission is asking interested stakeholders to submit evidence on the tangible benefits of sustainable urban mobility measures.


Hamburg: Online participation platform for cyclists in the borough of Altona

The Altona borough administration presents first steps towards a new cycling concept, by starting an online participation platform. Until June 30th 2014, users can send their hints, concerning local cycling problems in Altona via the webpage www.fahrrad-altona.de


Germany: Call for projects which serve the "National Cycling Strategy 2020"

In Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) supports innovative projects in the field of cycling, which serve the implementation of the National Cycling Strategy 2020 (NRVP) and support its aims also with regard to the linkage between cycling and other means of transport.


Foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ELCF) with more than 140 members

On April 12th 2014, more than 200 delegates from 25 nations met for the 2nd European Cycle Logistics Conference in the Dutch City of Nijmegen. They discussed the large potential of different cargo bike related business models, which can contribute to inner city traffic reduction.


North Rhine-Westphalia: "Citizen's cycle paths" on the road to success

A special finance scheme helps to realize cycle paths


Bremen: Transport planning made by citizens

The online platform bremen-bewegen.de ("Moving Bremen”) has been awarded within the national competition "Distinguished Places in the Country of Ideas" 2013/14.


North Rhine-Westphalia: Winners in planning competition "Cycle Highways in NRW" awarded

150 kilometres of cycle highways in NRW are in the planning process. The winners of the regional competition are Aachen, Bad Oeynhausen, Düsseldorf, Köln und Rhede. The five best drafts, selected by a jury, were presented in November 2013.


Ukrainian translation of German "Recommendations on the organization of cycling traffic infrastructure" published

The translation aims to disseminate successful practices and experiences in planning and designing safe and comfortable solutions for cyclists.


Berlin: participation scheme for reducing turning accidents between motorists and cyclists

In the web based participation process cyclists are called to notify junctions with frequent conflicts between cars and cyclists or where cyclists feel insecure by turning vehicles.


Bavaria: What Nuremberg can learn from Copenhagen

A well investigated documentary made by the "Medienwerkstatt Franken" (Media Factory Franconia), focusses the challenges for successful municipal cycling policies. Furthermore, it describes the potential community benefits, which can be achieved by investing as much in cycling measures, as the city of Copenhagen does.


Germany: ADFC Appreciates Nomination of National Cycling Officer

Dr. Peter Ramsauer announced that Mrs. Brigitta Worringen has been appointed as Germany's first National Cycling Officer. Mrs. Brigitta Worringen is Sub-Department Head for transport, research at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS). With the nomination of Ms. Worringen, the Ministry intends to underline the importance of cycling.



The cycling strategy for Berlin is an integral part of the city’s overall transport development plan for sustainable mobility that is both socially fair and city-friendly.


The cycling climate in Germany (2012)

The German national cyclists’ association ADFC released its 5th "Cycling climate test". This survey is the biggest of its kind in the world.


‘Our Voice Was Heard’: Cyclists’ Movement Wins Support In Crucial EU Transport Infrastructure Vote

Cycling and EuroVelo has been included in a crucial EU infrastructure vote on funding rules, opening the door to billions of euros of investment


German Federal Government agrees on National Cycling Plan 2020

The National Cycling Plan 2020 represents the Federal Government’s commitment towards the promotion of cycling as part of its sustainable transport framework.


Velo-city 2012: Vancouver Puts Canada on Global Cycling Stage

July 26, 2012: Over 800+ participants opened the world's largest bicycle policy conference in Vancouver, BC.

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