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Germany: Project "Cycling in Municipalities with Altitude Differences" presents its results.

The project which was funded within the frame of Germany's National Cycling Plan has shown that many cyclists do not mind slopes - if good infrastructure and service are provided. A manual, including experiences, results and guidelines will be published in the beginning of 2015.


Switzerland: Successful pilot test of cycling friendly traffic lights in Basel

Since 2013, experiments focus on two solutions for cycling friendly traffic lights facilities: permitting cyclists to turn right during the red phase and street crossing together with the pedestrians during their green period. The results are generally positive. Hence the Department for Building and Transport will request a change in traffic law from the Federal Roads Office. Thereby, the pilot test solutions can be implemented permanently.


Germany: Handbook on "Cost efficient measures for supporting walking and cycling" published

The handbook, which was published by the Frankfurt based mobility agency "ivm" in June 2014, shows road space design elements, focusing short-term and cost efficiently solutions for promoting cycling and walking. Against the background of public sector austerity, the book includes numerous best practice examples of how existing potentials can be used in an optimal way.


Baden-Württemberg: City of Mannheim bids for organizing the Velo-city conference 2017

Besides many cycling promotion measures, the bicycle's 200th birthday gives the city of Mannheim an opportunity, to discuss and further develop the future role of cycling.


Germany: Funds for the cycle path network along federal roads increased from 60 to 80 million Euro

The parliamentary commission for transport and digital infrastructure debated on Mai 7th 2014 on the correspondent federal budget plan.


North Rhine-Westphalia: "Citizen's cycle paths" on the road to success

A special finance scheme helps to realize cycle paths


Netherlands: Experimental bicycle roundabout in Zwolle

An unusual bike roundabout has been recently put to use in Zwolle. Bicycles can use it all the way, cars only partial.


Cycling Expertise: Roundabouts with Cycling Traffic

File of the Week , I-10/2012: Roundabouts - Benefits for all road users. The Dossier describes the Integration of cycle traffic into various types of roundabouts.


Netherlands: ForenZo encourages car drivers to use 'Electric Freeway'

The municipality of Almere and ForenZo, a mobility initiative of the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, have started a collaboration to encourage commuters to use the so-called 'Electric Freeway'.


Denmark’s First Park and Bike Terminal

Many commuters that work in Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, live in the surrounding municipalities and thus have a long drive ahead of them before they get to work. So, the City of Aarhus has come up with a new project that invites commuters to exchange the last part of the drive with a refreshing bike ride.


USA: Big Apple takes a bite out of streets

New Brochure: "Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets" New York City has been radically shifting space on its main thoroughfares away from cars, providing high quality cycle facilities, more space for pedestrians and better bus networks.


Denmark: Copenhagen first Cycle Super Highways open for commuters

The country's first Cycle Super Highways – a bike lane that gives cyclists a safe, smooth ride and eliminates as many stops as possible is now open, connecting downtown Copenhagen with the town of Albertslund, 22km outside the city.


Ukraine: First bicycle track is being constructed in Kiev

The very first bicycle track is being built in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This is the first real result of advocating activities of Kyiv Cyclists' Association (KCA) - an ECF member, fighting for cycling infrastructure in Ukraine since 2005.


Great Britain: London is all set to become a cycling city

The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) today launched the first two Barclays Cycle Superhighways.


Life Cycle’s Active Transportation Best Practice Collection

Collection of over 100 active transportation best practices from around the world released


Europe: ECF and PRESTO-Project publish fact sheets on cycling

25 fact sheets are about infrastructure planning, promotion of cycling, and pedelecs. The PRESTO-Project promotes cycling in Europe.


US: New Yorkers choosing bicycle lane over car lane - more than ever

The number of people choosing to cycle to and from work jumped 26 percent from last year, says a City transportation study released Monday.


UK: Twelve New Cycle Superhighways in London

Transport for London gives information about the new Cycle Superhighways, which aim to help quadrupling of London's cycle use.


UK: Rail passengers encouraged to get on their bike

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis today launched a major £14m package to transform facilities for cyclists at rail stations and encourage healthier, greener travel.


The New EU-Project "PRESTO" Promotes Cycling in European Cities

PRESTO – "Promoting Cycling for Everyone as a Daily Transport Mode" is a project of the EU's Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme. It aims to offer a set of tools for technicians to create cycle friendly urban environments, to implement sound cycling plans and to start up targeted promotion campaigns. Besides the local activities in the five PRESTO cities are meant for the people, to encourage the use of bicycles also among elderly or those who live in very hilly areas.

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