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Cycle track with solar panels: Test route in the Netherlands produces more energy than expected

The test route in Krommenie (province North-Holland) opened in October 2014, and consists of concrete modules of 2.5 by 3.5 meters with solar cells. It is expected to get more than 70 kWh per square meter per year.


Traffic 2005: Quality of life and climate protection. Bremen and Stuttgart as model cities for the future

Together with the cities of Bremen and Stuttgart, the German Öko-Institut, an institute for applied ecology, analysed the environmental effects of those measures, which are planned from today till 2025 resp. 2030. Additionally, climate protection scenarios were expanded by adding further ideas for increasing the quality of life until 2050. Bicycle traffic in Stuttgart, for example, could increase by 240 percent, from now until 2050. Bremen could benefit from a 54 percent increase.


Germany: Take your goods on bike! German Sustainable Transport Association (VCD) launches information platform on cargo bikes in commercial transport

How could companies easily change to cargo bikes? The information platform "Take your goods on bike!" shows the way. It is the first comprehensive information and consulting service, addressing the use of cargo bikes in commercial transport.


Foundation of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ELCF) with more than 140 members

On April 12th 2014, more than 200 delegates from 25 nations met for the 2nd European Cycle Logistics Conference in the Dutch City of Nijmegen. They discussed the large potential of different cargo bike related business models, which can contribute to inner city traffic reduction.


Germany: Potential of Cycling to Reduce Emissions in Road Transport

Responsible Mobility Means: Continual Change and Adaptation! Results and recommendations from the study "The Potential of Cycling to Reduce Emissions in Road Transport" from the TU Dresden.


Purchasing Routes as Part of the Consumer Carbon Footprints (CCF)

The influence of the consumer on climatic changes caused by complete processing chains – the Consumer Carbon Footprint (CCF) – may be larger than has been thought.


Sustainable urban mobility: Commission campaign boosts support to fight congestion and pollution

The European Commission’s Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign represents a three-year initiative aiming to support sustainable urban mobility campaigners in 31 countries.


Charter of Vancouver – Children have the right to cycle

The Charter of Vancouver was launched during the Velo-city Global 2012 conference as a step towards reaching the goal of a sustainable future, by focusing on cycling and children today.


Cycling Expertise: Climate Protection through Cycling

File of the Week , Ausgabe /Issue A-1/2010 - In what way could bicycles help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport?


United Kingdom: More than a million trips per day on the National Cycle Network

Value for money National Cycle Network is cutting car traffic and getting more people active


EU-Programme SpiCycles publishes report "Cycling on the rise - Public Bicycles and other European Experiences" March 2009

SpiCycles programme publishes a report on public bikes an european experiences in cycling


Großbritannien: Londons Bürgermeister enthüllt Programm zur Förderung des Fuß- und Radverkehrs

Mayor Ken Livingstone unveils programme to transform cycling and walking in London. 500 Millionen Pfund (667 Millionen Euro) in den nächsten 10 Jahren für den Radverkehr.


Fahrradbranche gründet Lobbyorganisiation für ökologische Mobilität / Eurobike 2007: Global Alliance for EcoMobility founded

In der "Global Alliance for EcoMobility" arbeiten europäische und weltweit agierende Umwelt-Verbände und namhafte Fahrradfirmen zusammen.


ECF: Deklaration von Bern zum Klimaschutz / The ECF Declaration of Berne: More cycling – its role in the climate debate and transport policy!

Förderung des Radfahrens als Beitrag zum Klimaschutz - mindestens 10% der Verkehrsbudgets für den Radverkehr!


Klimaschutzberichte der OECD-Länder ohne Zufußgehen und Radfahren / ECMT Analysis reviews the progress OECD and ECMT countries have made in reducing transport sector CO2 emissions

Obwohl Zufußgehen und Radfahren die CO2-Emissionen beeinflussen können, werden Maßnahmen, die die nicht motorisierten Verkehrsmittel sicherer, schneller, und attraktiver zu machen, in der nationalen CO2-Berichterstattung vergessen.


Europäische Kommission startet Konsultation zum städtischen Nahverkehr / European Commission: Consultations for the Green Paper on urban transport

Die Debatte über ein Grünbuch zum städtischen Nahverkehr wurde mit einer großen Konferenz zum Thema "Städtischer Nahverkehr: Probleme, Lösungen, und Verantwortlichkeiten" in Brüssel eröffnet. Die Beförderung des Radfahrens und Zufußgehens gehört zu den erwarteten Kernthemen. / The first stakeholder conference linked to the new Green Paper on urban transport brought together representatives from all the sectors that have a possible interest in the Green Paper. The European Commission outlined its plans for the Green Paper. Political representatives from different European institutions and cities gave their views on the issue, and presented their expectations.

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