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Cycling and traffic regulations for all: the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC) compiled flyers for refugees in different languages

Within its work for refugees with a main focus on cycling courses, the German Cyclists' federation compiled the most important rules for bike rides on German streets and translated them into various languages. Already completed are six versions which awakened huge interest in Germanys' cities and municipalities.


Application areas and application limitations of road restructuring according to the "shared space" concept

Based on a German countrywide city-survey, as well as on literature investigation, a total of 17 "Shared Space" case-studies (of which three from Switzerland) were selected for detailed investigation. Further analyzes comprise traffic counts, speed measurements, and video recordings over a period of 12 hours.


Prevention of leftturn accidents at junctions: Safer lorry designs come closer though moratorium locked in until 2022

Negotiations between the Parliament and the Council to allow more aerodynamic and safer HGVs were officially approved by the European Parliament.


Switzerland: Pilot test about right-turning for cyclists will be extended

The test, which has been successfully conducted since 2013 will be extended, after consultation with the Federal Road Office (ASTRA). The insights from Basel should serve to consider a Swiss-wide extension.


German Council on Jurisdiction in Traffic: Implementation of a new 1.1 per mill blood alcohol limit for cyclists suggested

Suggestions made by the German Council on Jurisdiction in Traffic are non-binding. However they are often recognized and implemented by the legislative authorities. Concerning cyclists, Germany has only a limit for absolute driving unfitness, so far: Cyclists, reaching the 1.6 per mill limit, commit an offense. For changing that situation, the German Council on Jurisdiction followed a suggestion, made by the German Cyclists' Federation (ADFC).


Switzerland: Successful pilot test of cycling friendly traffic lights in Basel

Since 2013, experiments focus on two solutions for cycling friendly traffic lights facilities: permitting cyclists to turn right during the red phase and street crossing together with the pedestrians during their green period. The results are generally positive. Hence the Department for Building and Transport will request a change in traffic law from the Federal Roads Office. Thereby, the pilot test solutions can be implemented permanently.


Federal Court of Justice (BGH), Germany: No contributory negligence due to not wearing a cycle helmet

For cyclists, it is not mandatory to wear a helmet. Not wearing a helmet does not lead to a reduction in financial claims due to contributory negligence.


Baden-Württemberg: New manual for mountain-bike trail designation

The manual is a guide for the implementaion of attractive mountain-bike trails and contains aspects about tourism, environment protection, and administrative competences.


Ukrainian translation of German "Recommendations on the organization of cycling traffic infrastructure" published

The translation aims to disseminate successful practices and experiences in planning and designing safe and comfortable solutions for cyclists.


Germany: Battery lights on bicycles now allowed

With publication in the Federal Law Gazette (Bundesgesetzblatt) No. 43 of 31th July 2013 entered the Forty-eighth street traffic regulations in force, including the revised paragraph 1 of Section 67 of the road traffic licensing regulations.


Germany: The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO: Straßenverkehrs-Ordnung) came into force

On the 1th April 2013 the new road traffic regulations came into force. One of their objectives is to reduce "sign clutter". In addition, improved regulations governing cycling will provide more safety.


New Swiss E-Bike Rules

The Swiss Federal Council has set new rules for electric bicycles that allow for 500 Watt motors instead of the current 250 Watt.


USA: United States Department of Transportation: well-connected walking and bicycling networks is an important component for livable communities

United States Department of Transportation - Policy Statement on Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodation - Regulations and Recommendations


US: New Yorkers choosing bicycle lane over car lane - more than ever

The number of people choosing to cycle to and from work jumped 26 percent from last year, says a City transportation study released Monday.


Great Britain: London Cycling Campaign (LCC) successes against removing of chained bicycles

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) successes against a law that, had it been passed, would have allowed council contractors to remove without notice bicycles chained to railings even if they were not an obstruction or abandoned.


USA: Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision

A report by the "San Francisco Chronicle" of 9th October 2008 said that employees cycling to work will get 20 Dollar tax provision per month

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