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Bürgermeister unterzeichnen Charta von Brüssel - Verdreifachung des Radverkehrsanteils in Europa angestrebt

ECF-Information vom 15.5.2009: Brussels, 15 May 2009 - Final day at Velo-city: Mayors sign "Charter of Brussels" – Call for European institutions to achieve 15 % of bicycling modal share in Europe by 2020

27 cities signed today the "Charter of Brussels" at the final day of the Velo-city conference in the European Parliament. With the charter, these cities call upon the European institutions to set the target of at least 15 % bicycling modal share by 2020. Today, the share is about 5 % in Europe.

The signing cities commit themselves to also achieve at least 15 % of bicycling modal share and to reduce fatal bicycle accidents by 50 % by 2020. Among the signing cities are Brussels, Milan, Munich, Sevilla, Edinburgh, Brabantstad, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Gdansk, Krakow, Timisoara, Izmit and Portland. The "Charter of Brussels" was also signed by Vice-President of the Commission, Siim Kallas, and the Secretary General of the European Economic and Social Council (EESC), Martin Westlake.

To achieve the 15 % bicycling modal share by 2020, the signing cities ask the European Commission to establish the post of a European Bicycle Officer within its administration. Mattia Pellegrini from the Cabinet of Vice-President and responsible transport Commissioner Antonio Tajani announced that this will be implemented as one of the measures to be taken as part of the forthcoming Action Plan on Urban Mobility. ECF has lobbied the European Commission for years to establish this position.

Furthermore, the signers of this charter call for a creation of a parliamentary intergroup "Cycling" in the European Parliament, strongly supported by Belgian Member of the European Parliament, Saïd El Khadraoui. The EU should also provide adequate financial means for the support of cities to increase cycling. Michael Cramer, German MEP, said that only 0.9 % of all EU transport budgets are currently dedicated on cycling. This percentage should be increased substantially, he added.

As a gift to this Velo-city conference, the EESC launched the first "European Cycling Lexicon", containing key terms of cycling infrastructure and different types of cycles for different mobility needs in all official 23 languages.
The "Charter of Brussels" will be the legacy of the 15th Velo-city conference, attended by about 1,000 participants from 52 countries. The next conference will be a Velo-city Global, hosted by the City of Copenhagen from 23 - 26 June 2010.

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