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KEP-Dienstleister KoMoDo
Micro depots and cargo bikes

Germany's five largest national parcel service use a micro depot for cargo bike delivering parcels on the last mile.

21. April 2020 | Projects > Berlin
Lastenrad in einer Einkaufsstraße
Planning guide for municipalities and industry
Cargo bike depot hubs enable the transfer of goods, especially parcels, for distribution in cities. A guideline for the implementation was developed in cooperation with logistics service providers.
8. April 2020 | Projects > Germany
ADFC-Fahrradklima-Test 2018
Survey on bicycle friendliness in cities
The ADFC Bicycle Climate Test is a method for surveying cycling conditions in cities from the point of view of cyclists. For the 2018 survey, the previous methodology was evaluated and updated and the new methodology was applied.
18. September 2019 | Projects > Germany


Ruhr cycling highway in Mülheim
Planning and design

In principle, infrastructure for cycling should be free of obstacles and danger spots in order to ensure safe and speedy cycling. In reality, however, it is precisely the paths for cycling that have widespread deficiencies, so that so-called single bicycle accidents can occur (obstacle collision, fall etc.).

12.01.2021 | Schwerpunktthema
Pop-Up cycle path Hallesches Tor
New ways in infrastructure planning

The city of Berlin was the first German municipality to create temporary cycling infrastructure. To find out how it succeeded and what lessons there are from the first months, Difu’s Cycling Academy spoke to Berlin’s administration.

07.07.2020 | Schwerpunktthema
End of a cycle lane
Fearless cycling

Stress-free, comfortable and, above all, safe - anyone who gets on a bicycle wants to feel as comfortable and protected as possible on the streets. Perceived safety is one of the key factors when it comes to the decision whether to ride a bike or not as an everyday means of transport.

05.06.2019 | Schwerpunktthema