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About Germany's Bicycle Portal

Germany’s website on bicycling provides lots of useful information, examples and sources free of charge which may help to encourage bicycle promotion and encourage bicycle use in other parts of the world. It is part of the German National Cycling Plan NCP (Nationaler Radverkehrsplan NRVP).  The present NCP (NCP 2020) covers the period from 2013 to 2020 and follows on seamlessly from the first NCP (NCP 2002-2012).

The website (or was introduced for coordination and the exchange of knowledge among the bodies involved in the implementation of the German National Cycling Plan: a national working group of all the German states, the federal administration, the German cities’ associations and several organisations with an economic or user interest in bicycling, an intergovernmental working group with members of different departments, and various national technical and legal groups on bicycle planning and bicycle use. For them, an internal password protected work space was set up within the site.

The main area with public access provides experts and the general public with all kind of information on promotion of cycling as a part of a sustainable transport development: events, news, internet links, a bibliography, publications for download, good practices, and information about the activities of the federal administration, the German states and municipalities and the European Union. User traffic, which is monitored continuously, proves high demand for such an expert service.

The website is operated by Difu, the German Institute of Urban Affairs in close cooperation with the unit in charge of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. It is a special service for people working or being interested in cycling, i.e. people working in state and municipal administrations, experts, researchers and interest groups.
The website is mainly in German but also contains some download literature in English and French.  The contents are complemented continuously. Two thirds of the contents (i.e. news, events, literature, good practices) cover Germany, one third cover information from abroad . However, as the English and French pages and publications within will remain limited to a few, the contents is largely limited to the world’s German speaking community. Two newsletters are published regularly - one in german (published once a month) an one in English (quarterly).

Contents of the website


The menu item "Notices /Events"  lists events like seminars, conferences, symposia, large public events like mass bicycle tours, and so on. The events are selected mainly with a focus on Germany, but important events worldwide are listed as well. By click on an event, more detailed information is given. If an event is also interesting for people outside Germany it is also translated into English


By a click on the menu item “Notices/News” , the latest ten  news are shown. Via several sub menus, one can display a complete list of all news or choose a selection of news sorted by criteria of content and/or region.

Good Practices in Cycling Policy

The pages on (good) practice examples contain information on different types of examples, i.e. on bike parking, bike + ride, infrastructure, health, mobility management, etc. Information about a practical example is structured by a standardised scheme (type of example, detailed description, target groups, financing, evaluation, contact persons, etc.), and is jointly put into the database by local experts and Difu.

To include international content, examples can be provided in English language. There is an information questionnaire on (good) practice examples in English.


The Fahrradportal gives acces to the cycling content of Difu’s literature database for free. Whenever the full text of a publication is electronically deliverable and content provision is not copyrighted, the database not only contains its bibliographic reference with abstract but also free download opportunities. Furthermore, since Difu cooperates with Berlin’s Senate Library, there is now a comprehensive collection of bicycle literature in the Senate Library.

Activities of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

The menu item “Federal Initiatives” supplies information about activities of the ministry. The German National Cycling Plan is also published in English.

Bringing Content into the Fahrradportal

The content is collected by a working group of the German Institute of Urban Affairs. We gladly receive information on events, news, practice examples or literature which can be published via our portal. Please contact Doris Reichel,, phone +49 (0)30/39001-233.