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National Cycling Congress

5. Nationaler Radverkehrskongresses 2017 in Mannheim
5. Nationaler Radverkehrskongresses 2017 in Mannheim © Dirk Michael Deckbar/ Event Consult GmbH

Cycling, as a cross-cutting issue, is part of various fields of activity (e.g. transport, health, environment, urban planning, safety, tourism) and is addressed by various stakeholders at different levels (Federal Government, federal states, local authorities, associations, companies etc.). Networks are a crucial basis for enabling cooperation between various stakeholders with differing interests and thus further strengthening cycling together. The Federal Government supports this cooperation between the various stakeholders in the sphere of cycling as a coordinator and facilitator and has launched the National Cycling Congress as a central platform for networking between experts.

Since 2009, the National Cycling Congress has been taking place every two years and provides a forum for an exchange of ideas and experience between the Federal Government, the public authorities and the expert community. The National Cycling Congress is thus the most important cycling congress in Germany. In various forums, important current topics of cross-cutting activities for planning and promoting a cycling strategy are discussed and new ideas on how to further enhance cycling are gathered. Traditionally, the “German Cycling Prize -  best for bike” is awarded at the National Cycling Congress.

The 7th National Cycling Congress was held in Hamburg on 27 and 28 April 2021, and the next congress will take place in Hesse in 2023. Programme, registration and further information on all National Cycling Congresses at (text in German).