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Das Fahrradportal zum Nationalen Radverkehrsplan
Cycling Portal at Difu to terminate

With project funding coming to an end, Germany‘s central web portal on cycling and mobility will no longer be updated. The existing pages will remain available until early 2022. Some key content will be transferred to a new web portal of the new federal Road Traffic Academy that is currently under development.

1. August 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Fahrradpiktogramm auf der Fahrbahn
Comprehensive report on bicycle pictograms on the carriageway
The effect of pictograms and information signs on the knowledge of rules, attitudes and behaviour of road users as well as on the occurrence of accidents in Germany was investigated. A comprehensive report provides initial findings on the measures that have not yet been studied in Germany.
10. July 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Germany: accidents on German roands in 2020
Corona-related decrease in traffic accidents overall, no decrease in the number of cyclists killed.
9. July 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Radfahrer und Autos auf der Straße
European Committee of the Regions

The strategy was proposed by the European Commission at the end of last year is and is complemented by an action plan listing concrete measures to be adopted over the next four years. Zero emission vehicles and alternative fuels infrastructure, pricing carbon with better incentives for users, and making mobility more affordable and accessible are among the key areas defined by the action plan...

6. July 2021 | Nachrichten > Europa / EU
Verleihung des Bundesverdienstkreuzes an Manfred Neun durch Staatsministerin Carolina Trautner
Honoured for outstanding contribution to cycling and sustainable mobility
Manfred Neun, long-time President of the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF) and current ECF Honorary President, has been awarded the "Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany" for his outstanding long-term cycling contribution.
30. June 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
New partnership between trade show companies Messe Frankfurt and Messe Friedrichshafen focuses on innovative mobility

The aim of the joint venture, to be known as fairnamic GmbH, will be to combine the performance capabilities of the two companies in order toaccompany the global mobility shift, particularly in urban areas, in its best way possible living up to be a truly global leading trade show. Eurobike is thus undergoing a comprehensive change of concept, which will include a relocation of the leading...

29. June 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
Klimaschutz Sofortprogramm 2022 - 1 Milliarde Euro für klimafreundliche Infrastruktur
Federal Government's Immediate Climate Protection Programme 2022
On 24 June 2021, the Bundestag passed the amendment to the Climate Protection Act. This includes an 8-billion emergency programme, one billion of which will go to transport. Among other things, the special programme "City and Country" will be expanded by 301.5 million euros for safe bicycle infrastructure as well as bicycle parking (with charging stations) at public transport interfaces.
28. June 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
People walking
Survey by the TÜV Association
According to the survey, as many as 13 percent of all respondents have consciously decided not to own a car in order to make their mobility sustainable and climate-friendly. There are major differences between urban and rural areas: in large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, 21 percent have decided not to use a private car, but only 8 percent in smaller towns and communities.
22. June 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland
DLR-Fachgutachten 2021 - NeueWege: Wege zur nachhaltigen Mobilität in Niedersachsen
"Bicycle use - a positive trend that needs to be supported"
The Lower Saxony Climate Act was passed in December 2021. A DLR study on the mobility and energy turnaround will help to effectively put the climate protection requirements into practice. Because traffic volume is forecast to increase, climate-friendly alternatives such as cycling and walking are to be consistently supported.
26. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Niedersachsen
Das europäische BITS-Projekt sammelt Radverkehrsdaten, um den Radverkehr innerhalb des multimodalen Verkehrssystems zu positionieren und das System als Ganzes zu verbessern.
CycleDataHub, Snuffelfiets, SmartHelm
Within the framework of the EU-funded project BITS - Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems, the student project group Bicycle Data of the University of Oldenburg and other European actors presented the state of research, in connection with this among others the projects "SmartHelm", "Sniffer-Bikes" as well as the "CycleDataHub".
16. May 2021 | Nachrichten > Deutschland, Europa / EU