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Pilot test about right-turning for cyclists will be extended


The successful Basel-based pilot test about right-turning for cyclists during red phases will be extended, after consultation with the Federal Road Office (ASTRA). Furthermore, the insights from Basel serve to test right-turning for cyclists during red phases Swiss-wide. The canton Basel-City requested a correspondent modification in road traffic law at the federal authorities.

The pilot test about right-turning for cyclists during red phases, conducted since 2013, is a success. Hence, Basel's mobility department requested the Federal Road Office (ASTRA) to extend the pilot test. Now, the ASTRA has given the go-ahead for including eight additional crossroads into the test, extended till December 2016. Simultaneously, the canton Basel-City requested a modification in Swiss road traffic law, which should enable cantons to implement right-turning for cyclists during red phases.

During the test, observations concerning traffic behaviour as well as the long-term effects and the effectiveness of the signalisation were conducted all the pilot locations in Basel. Additionally, experiences and feed-backs from traffic police as well as from walking traffic and handicapped persons-organisations were included to the final report. The new locations in Basel were fixed in coordination with the canton police.

Further information in German: (Kanton Basel-Stadt, Verkehrssteuerung)

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11. February 2015
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